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Housecall:Remote is another service option that is growing in popularity!

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For both PC & Mac, a Housecall Computer Services technician can walk you through the installation of an invite-only remote control application. We can then proceed to support your technical needs as though they were sitting with you using your keyboard and mouse.

Issues that do not require the installation/upgrade/removal of hardware are perfect candidates for remote support. A working high-speed internet connection is required.

Many of our clients enjoy our remote support because training and solutions can be provided efficiently for small issues that may not warrant a whole hour on-site.

The time you are charged for does not begin until a technician actually gains remote control of your system. You are not charged for the initial installation of the remote software.

This method of support allows us to help you, your friends and your loved-ones all around the world.

Please mention your interest in Housecall:Remote when you call to schedule an appointment.